Contemporary art for the modern world

Alessandro Coralli

Alessandro Coralli was born in Milan in 1958. As a child he was very passionate about painting by simply observing at his grandfather, Alberto Rampazzini - a gifted impressionist. Self-taught painter Coralli offers a journey into everyday life through bold colors and simple themes transferred to the canvas with ease, positive energy and expressive power.

Well-balanced colors and strong brush strokes give his painting a harmony and an obvious aesthetic. His solitary dialogue with nature respects and highlights all different colors and lights. His latest works lean towards an abstract impression, but his body of work generally show all the sensuality and poetry of color. Modern techniques have allowed him to also address the issue of pop art through new materials with grand visual and expressive results.

Alessandro Coralli works and exhibits his art in the village of Mougins, France; starting point of one of the greatest artists in history: Picasso. The interior of his studio offers his varied forms of expression and exhibits the bronze works of master sculptor Lucio Oliveri. This creates a dual experience that allows the visitor a small trip through both the classic and contemporary.