Contemporary art for the modern world

Elodie Defontenay

Coming from a family of artists, at a very early age I wanted to become an artist myself; to draw, test, and transmit emotions. Fascinated by the 1970s era, I create portraits of icons of music, cinema or even strangers whose expression inspires me in some emotional way. I use cut pieces of newspapers or magazines to create these unique portraits, as I love the idea that we are all made of a lot of little things" - Elodie Defontenay

History & Events:

04/10/2004 to 30/06/2005:

1050 hours of training at the Fine Arts Academy - Anca Sonia

May 2005:

Participation in the competition organized by Orange Tree Gallery in Seillans, France

October - November 2005:

Internship at the Louis and Bérit Treserras school in Aubenas (Ardèche) "the anatomy," painting class with louis treserras, and sculture class with Berit.


Exhibition "The Garden of Painters" at Orange Tree Gallery in Seillans, Distinguished by the judge's recommendation prize. Exhibition at the Hotel Espace Miramar during an artistic event organized by the ABAC Association in Cannes, France


selected in first place by the cultural service of mougins for an exhibition at the washhouse of mougins from August 16th to 29th.


Participation in the competition of the "Young Talents of Aubenas". First prize (exhibition at the Salle Solane de Vals Les Bains from August 21-28)


Painting study (oil) with Sharam Nabati.

2010, April 20:

Prize of the Arts magazine on the occasion of the 2nd Grand Prix Dieudonné Jacobs.

2010, July 21 to August 9:

Participation in the 19th Exhibition of Arts of the city in Spray (05)

2010, Summer Season:

Exposure to Roussillion (Vaucluse) gallery "entry into matter".

2010, September:

Exhibition at Defontenay Gallery.


Participation in the 20th Art Fair of the City of Spray (05).

August 9-18: Keyboard exhibition (83) at the Chapel Saint-Sylvain.


Exhibition in the village of Eze (06)