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Fabienne Roz


  • 1997: Training in Gestalt-Art-Therapy in Eguilles (13)
  • 1998: Diploma - Fine Arts of Vallauris
  • 1998 to 2008: Workshop training. Study of nudes (living models)
  • 2008: Study of stained glass technique
  • 2012: Study of metal technique
  • 2013: Study of bronze technique

In my journey towards art, I worked in various fields such as aesthetics, with specialized training at each stage. Each of these disciplines complement each other in a search for harmony, sharing and creativity. In 1998, I acquired a specific knowledge thanks to the training provided at the School of Fine Arts Vallauris. Since then, I continue to deepen and enrich my knowledge of the sculpture of materials: sandstone, glass, bronze, metal, plaster, paper. I style and purify the forms to blend with the essentials with all my creative energy.

Experimenting with different subjects gives me a feeling of joy, fullness and intense freedom of expression. I can caress, dig, knock, twist and transform to express my feelings and emotions beyond words. I entrust to the forms that are born between my fingers, my secrets, my intimate sensations and my soul. Just as my artist's name is a woman's first name, Roz, these forms essentially speak of the woman in her intimacy, of her past, present, and future history.

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