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What does it cost to sell my art on (MWA)?

There are no recurring fees for sellers. Instead, sellers are charged a flat rate commission of 10% for the vast majority of sales, but only when an item is sold through MWA. There are no listing or membership fees, nor are there any buyer-related fees.

Why is the commission rate so low?

We often get asked this question and the answer is quite simple. With MWA, we believe that the artist should keep most of the proceeds from a sale.

To us, it’s all about the artist. We have seen commission rates up to 50%, and oftentimes there is a monthly fee in addition. Our goal is to help galleries and artists sell their art, period.

Is shipping included in my price?

Yes. All costs of shipping, insurance and tracking need to be calculated into your price. This is the only price that buyers see, and we advertise that one price includes everything. This simplifies the buying process for our customers.

How do I know what to charge for shipping?

To get a general sense of how much shipping to various locations might cost, please use shipping calculators available on most shipping company websites. Global flat rates do not vary all that much when shipping worldwide. Please check with your preferred carrier and calculate your estimated shipping cost to the furthest destination, including tracking and insurance, and this will be the cost added to your final selling price.

Does MWA curate it’s marketplace?

Yes, MWA is highly curated. Our Art Review Board reviews all artists that apply to ensure a high standard. Our curators also actively seek out talented new artists.

How do artists and galleries get accepted to MWA?

Artists and galleries may request approval by email from the MWA Review Board at After viewing the art and learning more about the artist or gallery, our Review Board will decide if the art is a good fit for the website and its audience.

How long does it take to be reviewed?

Due to the high volume of inquiries, MWA cannot guaranty a specific time period for review. However, it generally does not take more than 2-3 weeks to receive a reply from our Review Board.

Is there a cost to submit work for review?

No. There is no cost to create an account and request review. If accepted, there are no monthly fees or charges. MWA charges a flat 10% commission of when a piece is sold.

Once I am approved, what else do I need to do?

Once you are approved, an agreement will be drawn up between you the Seller and the e-commerce website: which is owned and operated by Dream Brokers, LLC, a Florida, USA based corporation. This needs to be signed by both parties prior to transacting business via the website.

MWA will need a minimum of five (5) pieces of art for sale. You will be given a unique account and password where you will log in and upload pics, description, bio, etc.

What criteria does MWA use to review artists?

Our Art Review Board carefully reviews each and every application we receive, taking many factors into consideration.

Our board examines each artist or gallery for; quality of artwork, strength of artist biography and care taken to create listings/profile.

Finally, perhaps the most important factor is if we are confident we can sell your work. Our team looks at statistics, buyer habits and direct relationships with our loyal customers, collectors and designers to determine potential demand for your artwork.

I am an international artist/gallery. May I list on MWA?

MWA is global, and welcomes applications from galleries and talented artists from all over the world. If you feel that the art you are selling is a good fit, our Review Board would like to hear from you.

If I list on MWA, am I allowed to sell my art on my own web site or by other means?

Yes. At MWA, we strive to make our artists as successful as possible. We view MWA as another channel for you to promote and sell your artwork. With our low commission structure and high visibility, hopefully we become your favorite!

Important: We do require that you actively manage your inventory on MWA and only list items that are currently available for sale. We also require that the pricing of items on multiple sites be consistent, with the exception of a built-in shipping charge. Failure to do so will result in removal from the site.

May I sell prints of original art?

Yes. MWA offers artists the opportunity to sell limited edition prints in addition to original art.

Can buyers contact me with questions about an item?

Yes, buyers can email us at and we will forward the message.

Since our galleries and artists are from all over the world and speak various languages, MWA is here to ensure that the message does not get lost in translation. We will facilitate speedy communications so that buyers receive timely and accurate answers.

Do I need to insure my artwork for shipment?

Yes, MWA requires you to insure all items you ship.

As a seller, you are responsible for the item to arrive safely and in good condition to the buyer. A signature upon delivery is also required as part of the shipping terms.

We understand that because of the nature of artwork, some shipping carriers provide limited, or no insurance. Please ensure you are fully insuring your item with the shipping carrier or a supplemental service.

How do I edit an item?

You may edit anything about an item you have listed at any time, including price. To edit an item simply log in to your account and choose the items you wish to edit. You must be an approved vendor and be given a unique username and password in order to edit items.

What happens when I sell an item on MWA?

Once you make a sale on MWA, you will be notified via email and the sale will appear in the “Sales” section of your account.

MWA will also communicate with you to make sure there are no issues with the order and that the item will be shipped within one week from the date of sale. If more time is needed, please contact us so that we can inform the buyer.

Once an order is confirmed, please follow these steps:

Pack your item securely. Ensure safe arrival to the buyer by packing your item(s) carefully and thoughtfully.

Make sure to include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Insure and track your item. Items must be insured and also be trackable so that we may verify receipt of the item by the buyer. If you do not provide tracking information, we will be unable to verify receipt of the item by the buyer and schedule your payment.

We also require our artists to ensure that all orders over $500 in value obtain a signature upon delivery.

What if I sell an item I have listed outside of MWA?

If you happen to sell an item you have listed on MWA by another means, congratulations! We just ask that you immediately delete the item through your account, mark the item as SOLD in your inventory, or contact us and let us know. If you do not mark the item as sold, you may run the risk of it being purchased on MWA and having an upset buyer. Keeping your MWA listings up to date leads to happy buyers. Failure to do so may result in removal from the website.

What if the buyer chooses to return the item?

If a buyer is unhappy with an item for any reason, they have the right to return that item within 7 days of receipt (a.k.a. the Inspection Period). Because of this, we encourage you to make sure you accurately describe the item and provide good quality photographs with all your listings.

MWA actively supports our buyers and may offer additional information or photographs of a piece they are considering before purchasing it to ensure they know exactly what they are ordering.

Please see our Return Policy for additional information.

Much of my work is untitled, it is OK to list items as untitled?

During the listing process you must provide a title to your artwork. We do not recommend that you list a piece as “Untitled”. If listing a piece Untitled is important to you, we require that you at least use a numbering system to specify your artwork so that our Customer Service team, as well as our collectors, can easily identify each piece.

In our experience, having a specific title of a work helps our buyers and increases sales. When buyers are browsing the site, they will get previews of your artwork and by providing a title to your work, you may help a buyer to notice your item, and when they revisit the site at a later date they can search for the piece by name.