Contemporary art for the modern world

Francine Berger

In the beginning, it was abstract art which dominated my painting. Influenced as I was by the abstract American painters of the 1960’s and 70’s during my studies at the Academy of Fines Arts and then at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. It was the epoch of the “hard edge”.

Finally, after my long study ot the interaction of colors with the static personages, the essence of abstract creativity burst out in my front of me. Thus, for me, this long journey was necessary. Abstraction comes from the deepest part of one’s self, and because of this it reflects a symbiosis between the body and creativity. It is drawn from a long intuitive research of the theme of colors and their interaction. Color and composition selection are factors guided by intuition.

An enormous pleasure arises in me after I done a composition in which everything marries to perfection. That joy is such for me that happiness bursts out with the colors I compose. Only when I have found total pleasure in looking at my paintings, I can say… it’s finished. I hope to transmit that joy of harmony to every person who discovers the abstraction in my latest compositions.

To give a name to an abstract painting is not necessary for me, but a title is often a good guide for its viewing.