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Guy Le Corre

Guy Le Corre's paintings portray all the magic of Provence and the Côte d Azur. It's a magic we'd all love to carry with us and have around us. His paintings portray idealized forms and colors. His is happy art, very much in the image of the artist himself. It brings joy to our hearts and sweet fragrances to our senses.

When I look at his work, I feel good, and am transported back to my youth, where the sea, the flowers, the boats and the people seemed to sing a song for me and for ail those I loved... Samir Sanad BASTA, Writer, Mougins

Positive waves of color: Welcome to the terrace with a view of the Deep Blue! Advance into the depths of the canvas: you are now fully inside the everyday existence and the intimacy of the house. Breakfast overlooking Saint Tropez, and instant shared with a book: a succession of moments grasped in the home, on a balcony or around a table in the very heart of the garden? The sea, nature and flowers play a major part in the composition of these havens of peace, places of serenity perfect for the little joys the day yields. The sole human figures here are always women, caught in movement in the happy blush of colors layered in relief, sculpted in three dimensions, as in life… Jean-Louis Avril Journalist "l'Univers des Arts"

Guy Le Corre : a picture of happiness:

After 10 years away, Guy Le Corre has reappeared, getting back in touch with his clients in a new workshop in the village of Mougins. There, the painter is adding a touch of good-natured gaiety and humor around the villages tiny streets, reminding its residents of an almost-forgotten era. He is no longer producing those conventional works, heavy with Provençal symbolism. He shows a life in the full bloom of song, depicted though the many landscapes around him. There are colors simply everywhere, bubbling out of the canvas and lighting up the onlooker's face: blues, yellows, reds, greens... Karine Daniel, Journalis

Is Guy Le Corre just having a good time? Through his works, he is transporting us back to our childhood days which of us has never felt the passion of coloring in, of daubing on the paint? Many of us have enjoyed that particular pleasure. His landscapes are imaginary places to use the hip terminology, "virtual" places and his colors striking, there for us to feast our eyes on, out of the tube in purest innocence, coming into this world intact. Guy is honest, sincere. He went through school and came out the other end a free spirit Cézanne said it all... Guy Le Corre had to allow his childish heart speak its mind no easy task! It is now up to us to listen to his heart with an open mind… Jacques Marin, Actor

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