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Hervey Salzberg

Hello fellow art lover,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hervey Salzberg. Before you wonder about my name, let me explain that my parents thought I would be Harvey... and changed a letter! In France, where I live my name is pronounced Ervay, hence my signature on my work are the initials RV.

Sculpture to me is a therapy. I love creating beautiful objects with my hands. A French philosopher named André Gide once said that art is a collaboration in between the artist and God, and the least the artist has to do with it, the better. I agree totally.

When I am in my studio I am in a different world. Soft music plays, sometimes classical, sometimes my favourite singers, all depending on the piece I am creating. Sometimes I have to change the style of music as it no longer fits the piece I am creating.

My work is never pre-meditated. When I enter my studio to start a new piece I rarely know where this particular adventure will lead. I am usually amazed by the finished piece. It was not really I who "created" it!

Sculpture is a blessing. Unlike paintings, my pieces can be appreciated by people who have lost their sight.I think of this as I often finish my work with my eyes closed. It is a very satisfying feeling to close ones’ eyes and stroke the beautiful curves. One can immediately feel if something is "out of place".

I always encourage visitors to my gallery to close their eyes and "feel" my sculptures... something frowned upon in most galleries. I believe that caressing these soft curves has a very healing effect. It rarely leaves one unaffected.

I bless the day I was introduced to a piece of clay.