Contemporary art for the modern world

Laurent Deprez

"To continue to create, even when one believes that art will offer no answers and no path, such is undoubtedly the largest vulneribility, the most difficult humility. This is, it seems, the condition for the artistic creation to be constantly minimized and reduced to the essential, to this solitude common to all human beings when they are silent and look within and around themselves; they are the mixture of light and darkness that encompasses them.

It is also on the condition of not shirking this vocation of detachment that the beginning is possible, that the emergence of a new world is possible. For what is the new world, if not the world seen for the first time, the world that has not yet been named and that forces us to slowly discover the path from things both seen and unseen... to the material that appears also for the first time at the end of the hand of the painter. And what if within the canvas this world was found"? - Laurent Deprez

Laurent Deprez is the breath of emotions. A pioneer in his own way, he gleans and collects a thousand sensations that he releases upon leaving reality when he invites the brush to create the landscapes of his imagination. The earth in its infinite manifestations: immense, tiny, intense, transparent, motionless, soothed. The pictorial universe of Laurent Deprez, at the limit of abstraction, by the intensity of his palette and the transparency of the material opens and transmits the sensitivity of his expression with emotion and poetry.