Contemporary art for the modern world

Leslie Berthet Laval

Beauty, grace and strength. Three names joined in the signature of an artist with multiple talents. Leslie is like a permanent trilogy at the service of art since her early childhood where she already had a passionate, contemplative and carnal love for painting. Indeed, the Lyonnaise (of Lyon, France) made her first painting at the age of 3. Less than 10 years later, she is already fulfilling her first order. Today she dedicates her life to art.

She graduated in 1996 with a degree in interior architecture, and for 20 years worked as a painter and interior designer. She is involved in the restoration of many prestigious monuments such as the Apollo Gallery in the Louvre, the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon and many churches and castles in the Rhône Alpes region. Leslie's parallel self-taught career includes exhibiting at international events such as the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, and at various galleries in France and abroad as well as numerous international art fairs.

The trilogy of her choices is not the landscape, the portrait or the still life, but under the almost abstract glance that it bears on what surrounds it, it is the aesthetics for the emotion. Primordial. See, feel, express yourself by and for emotion. The artist expresses on her paintings her taste for curves and perspectives. Her work, inspired in particular by the expressionist movement, is marked by freshness, youth and femininity. It creates movement without agitation and offers a powerful colorimetry without falling into excess.

Leslie's creative mind and her appetite for challenge lead her to explore a variety of techniques, media and themes. Reflections of contemporary society, its "Urban Cities" express themselves through bold media such as stainless steel sheets. At present she is thinking and experimenting with bronze. The painter does not hesitate to reveal her techniques during artistic performances in public. She creates the show through an original process: directly empty on the canvas of syringes filled with oil paint adroitly mixed with the use of aerosol cans. Absorbed by her art, she plays, gives free rein to her instinct, unpretentious. The artist becomes then the little girl who painted at 3 years and plunges into an imaginary without borders.

" I embroider in pure color! Delicately, with the syringe, I weave colored filaments on the canvas. That's when magic happens! Thanks to the vibratory power of colors, my dreams and memories materialize: my hand goes faster than my thoughts. My works are inspired by architecture with these lines of streaks, these perspectives, curves and horizons. I then propose a personal and suggested vision of this urban world that surrounds us. I put into scene this urbanization where the lights and the colors radiate, play and are reflected on the stainless steel which I use like anamorphose. At every angle my paintings, whether on canvas or metal, have a different reading, as if they were the expression of my memories, my emotions or my dreams.

My colors woven with the syringe, associated with the nobility of the supports, express themselves and vibrate to the rhythm of my palette nuanced of gray and flamboyant colors. I play with the different light fixtures between the matte or shiny materials, the gold leaf, to make them elusive and alive! My goal is to find this clever balance that will allow you at the moment of a glance, to glimpse my universe, my visions, the essence of my artistic reflection on the light and my personal view of the world around me.

I place aesthetics at the exclusive service of emotion, in order to give that extra soul to the subject I am expressing. Because it is the human who is at the heart of my creations, even if I do not represent him directly. As a guiding thread, my works bear witness to these men builders, where the memory of the past becomes present for the future.

  • 2000 - FLORIDA Stellers Gallery
  • 2009 - PANAMA Permanent Exhibition K & B Finance Group
  • 2010 - SHANGHAI World Expo
  • 2010 - LOIRE Château D'Andrézieux Bouthéon
  • 2010 - PARIS ART Exhibition in CAPITAL Grand Palais
  • 2011 - PARIS Salon ART SHOPPING Carrousel of the Louvre
  • 2011 - 2017 - LYON Brotteaux Gallery
  • 2012 - ISERE Abbey Church and Museum of St Chef
  • 2013 - PARIS Art & Events Gallery Marais District
  • 2013 - 2016 - BARCELONA Square Artists Gallery
  • 2014 - BRUSSELS Espace Art Gallery
  • 2014 - AIGUES-MORTES Nicole Salamone Gallery
  • 2014 - MOUGINS Gallery of Lombards
  • 2014 - MONACO Hotel Colombus Monte Carlo
  • 2015 - LYON Salon ART 3f
  • 2016 - LYON Salon ART 3f
  • 2016 - 2017 - COLOGNE Square Artists Gallery
  • 2016 - 2017 - MILAN Gallery Square Artists permanent exhibition
  • 2016-2018 - GENEVA Gallery 337 permanent exhibition
  • 2016-2018 - ROCHE-SUR-FORON Rochexpo International Fair Haute-Savoie
  • Mont-Blanc Galerie337 (2 exhibitions per year)
  • 2017 - MILAN International Fair ARFFORDABLE ART FAIR MILAN
  • 2017 - CHARLEROI The urban manufacture
  • 2017-2018 - ROME Square Artists Gallery
  • 2018 - LAUSANNE ART FAIR Gallery337
  • 2018 - MORESTEL The Medieval Tower
  • 2018 - VALENCE Galerie Bost permanent exhibition
  • 2018 - BOURGES Galerie Laramée permanent exhibition
  • 2018 - LUXEMBOURG ART FAIR December 2018 Gallery337
  • 2018 - THINK MY ART Art Sale Online


  • SHANGHAI Square Artists Gallery May 2019
  • MEXICO Carré Artists Gallery January 2019