Contemporary art for the modern world

Lio Fantini

Permanent exhibition in ‘La Galerie Numérique’

Self-taught artist, Lio displays his work in his own Mouginoise gallery as well as in Paris and abroad (Monaco, New York, Singapore, Miami), per invitation.


  • MIAMI Spectrum Artshow, Special Jury Award, 2017
  • NEW YORK - 2nd price 40th ARTEX, 2014
  • PARIS - Special Jury Award, Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre, 2014
  • PARIS - 3rd place Competition “Digital Art”. Gallery Upside Art, 2014

In a few words…

Born in the south of France, Lio is a multi-faceted and totally self-taught artist. Jazz drummer, he decided to also play with images.

He takes virtual material and transforms digital photos, as a processing artisan. Seeking to introduce poetry and fantasy while emphasising the realities of society: poverty, urban turbulence and loneliness.

With the purpose to touch people by offering them a unique perspective on an alternate reality so that they may reinterpret it freely for themselves. For Lio it is essential that each one sees in the art its own reality.

Exhibitions 2017:

  • MIAMI - Spectrum Artshow - Special Jury Award 'Au bord de pluie'
  • MONACO – Charity auction at Méridien Beach Plaza - 'Formula 1' - Jackie Stewart Association
  • MOUGINS - 12e International festival of the Gastronomy
  • MOUGINS – Mas Candille 5* – Séries ‘Summer bio’ et ‘Giverny'
  • OPIO - Castle La Bégude - Séries 'Les divas' et 'Les univers gastronomiques'
  • NICE – Mass of the artists - "La grande rose de Notre dame de Paris"

Exhibitions 2016:

  • MONACO - International Competition GemlucArt
  • MOUGINS – Mas Candille 5* – Series ‘Giverny’ et ‘Bleu Azur’
  • OPIO - Château de La Bégude - Serie 'Les musiciens'

Exhibitions 2015:

  • NICE – International Competition Aigle de Nice
  • MONACO – International Competition GemlucArt
  • MOUGINS – Mas Candille 5* – Serie ‘Giverny’ and ‘Bleu Azur’
  • SINGAPOUR – International Artfair SG50 – ‘Whispers’
  • NICE – Exhibition International Aeroport Nice Côte d’Azur – ‘La ville invisible’
  • NICE – Exhibition Fred’s bar – ‘Bop Jazz’
  • NICE – Exhibition Gallery Motus – ‘Rock’n Colour’

Exhibitions 2014:

  • CANNES Exhibition “Like Art Gallery ».
  • LONDRES - Publications -Plateform 58-webzine – Arts and Humanities
  • NEW YORK Exhibition Ward-Nasse Gallery.
  • MONACO International Competition GemlucArt.
  • PARIS Exhibition Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre.
  • MEXICO International Exhibition “Ties between people”, Gallery Art Lewinson

Artistic Approach

Welcome in the universe of Photopaints©!

Self-taught artist, Lio exposes himself in its own mouginoise gallery as well as in Paris and abroad (Monaco, New York, Mexico City, Singapore, Miami), as invited. To create his Photopaints©, he seizes the reality by transfiguring it through a double technique of his own: first photography, then digital painting.

Freedom of the artist

Lio is a digital artist who deceives rules, those bound to the photo as to the paint. For him, it is not the world which creates us: it is the artist who creates the world in the way he sees it. His conception of the art bases on a nonconformist philosophy which authorizes him a freedom to create by being attuned to an emotion or to an appearance to be seized.

Colors convey the imagination

Photopaints© would not exist without a search on the color. Even those in black and white represent fireworks! Colors are for Lio a source of inspiration, but also of evocation and escape...

Beyond the real colors, to create a virtual harmony

Lio keeps no color of the photos of origin. He recomposes, affects by touch, a partition of very distant colors dogmae bound to the schools of paint. He speaks about ‘his colors ' and associates them in daring camaïeux - to see Fontmerle for example, illustrating the book of Mougins. Lio make colors vague, stacks them, gives them a texture ... He makes them live and express himself.

The light and the change of colors

For Lio, colors are alive, changeable, oscillating... That is why he uses the light via brilliant printings or supports as Plexiglas. He shares felt expressed by Adrian Schiess when he writes: ‘I like the infinity in a transition of colors, this dumb music which sizzles …’

Pondering versus 'Fleeting Look'

Take time to look … Lio likes the idea of a space time which deploys in each of the Photopaints©. Indeed, his look is particularly sensitive to the pondering and to the harmony. Lio transforms with his so particular touch the reality of the photo. So Photopaints© seize the reality through the medium photo and use it to promote an imagination: no matter if it is the one of the artist or the spectator.

Like a poet of the imagination, Lio diverts objects by playing an always changeable pallet of lights and colors. He is an illusionist of the new kind, that does not try to give the feeling of the reality, but the magic.

Photopeintures© Printing

The subligraphie®: for a striking impact!

Subligraphie® is a technology of impression offering very high quality on a hard material got ready of a varnish polyester

This modern process consists in printing directly your Photopaint© on an aluminium patch, for a depiction at the same time solid and light, asking for little maintenance.

Your Photopaint© is “sublimated” whether it the effect is in finish matt or brilliant, is magnificent!

An unpublished emotion in the production of works of art.

An aluminum material ultra resisting

This very high quality aluminum, stemming from aeronautical technologies, guarantees a perfectly smooth surface of the patches on which are realized our Photopaints©. Unchanging on the fire, on the water and on the UV. Internal and outside Display.

The use of the high technologies regarding ink guarantees an exceptional quality of colors and of printing in time. The ink is definitively congealed in the aluminum by condensation.

The photopaint© becomes a picture!

The flush frame is a black aluminum profiled outline which masks the slice of your Photopaint©, giving him some thickness without covering the picture.

This frame has a groove into which the hooks of cyma or hooks X skip easily.

Visible only around, this process allows to emphasize your photopaint© sublimated by unsticking her from 33 mm with regard to the wall.