Contemporary art for the modern world

Philippe Simille

Contemporary French artist Philippe Simille is known as a creator of raw art. He is a self-taught artist whose painterly images are difficult to be classified. His inspirations are altogether naive and traditional. He is a really talented colorist and his paintings are rich in colour variations, contrasts and harmony.

Simille breaks with his past as an author and a composer. The rhythm and the cultural mix in his works are no coincidence: they remind us of the musician he once was in Montmartre where he lived for several years. Simille’s paintings are stories that investigate the kindness and cruelty of the everyday life.

The numerous figures (human, animal, monster) and miscellaneous objects entertain and irritate the viewer. Widely inspired by actuality, those open windows on the world are also humorous with a touch of inquisitiveness, clear-sighted and sometimes harsh with the madness of humanity.

Amongst many interesting aspects of his works, it should be noted the density of the subject that contrasts with the harmony in the compositions and the amount of space around the numerous little figures are his way to invite the spectator to play their part as a storyteller and make up earthy stories out of funny stereotypes.

Simille paints images of a busy lively world of struggle and cruelty, though it is his humorous view on life and his “joie de vivre” that catch our attention. His artworks provide food for thought but without forgetting to entertain us.