Contemporary art for the modern world

Richard Poumelin

Richard Poumelin is a French artist born in 1965. He began drawing at the age of sixteen, and then trained under the guidance of the painter Jean-Georges Inca. For a time he used water colors, a technique in which he excelled and won several accolades. However over the last few years he has been using a mixed technique involving acrylic, oil and lead.

Through the use of these materials he is able to achieve his true expertise as he experiments with magnificent contrasts. He is passionate about nature and in particular his Provincial homeland from which he draws inspiration from the fantastic landscapes, every day mundane scenarios, etc. and displays them ever so eloquently within his art.

Self-taught, Richard is inspired by impressionists and post-impressionists like the watercolor English artists William Turner and Richard Parkes Boningon. From within this artistic movement he discovered the motion aspect and the ephemeral side of specific moments captured in time. His modern post-impressionist side is all about creating colorful atmospheres sprinkled with light, depicting all of the wonderful curves and verticals.

Through his expressionism he paints the world as a solid and majestic structure. His work is filled with soothing yet strong emotions and positive vibrations. His artistic quest opens a path towards intense lyricism.