Contemporary art for the modern world

Sabrina Le Doigt Elarbi

Sabrina has two passions, that of drawing and that of observation. From a very young age, she learned to draw by observing her environment. Soon these two practices became visceral to the point that one never left the other and immediately became part of her daily child.

After focusing her studies on literature and the history of art, she began at the age of 18 an art curriculum at the Beaux-Arts in Monaco, where she learned drawing, graphic arts, painting, modeling and scenography. For 4 years, her line sharpens, her eyes become resolutely more caustic and she discovers with amazement, during her first clashes of works in front of an audience, that the drawing can become a weapon, that it is a means of expression , a freedom and he has power, sometimes more than words. She discovers the world of press drawing and satirical journals and then publishes a mocking and incisive fanzine, within her school, in which she approaches with humor the working methods, the artistic teaching, the conformism and the condition of student in art school. Her teeth and line make her talk in the school and earn her the prize for Drawing and the Prix du Mémoire.

Her studies completed, and wanting to move away from the anxiogenic milieu of art and its dictates, she connects a few odd jobs in the cultural mediation to the public and amuses people, observes, crunches and laughs to transpose phrases heard, particular faces and quirky noses and intermingling them with personalities and accents transcribed in writing on his notebooks, on his drawings. Sabrina draws the everyday, the banal, the people who are common to us, those we have already seen, crossed, side by side in a street near home or on the other side of the world. She portrays the real life of real people.

In 2015, she decided to show her work by opening a workshop in which she exhibited her drawings, her watercolors but also her paintings, for which she returned to acrylic painting which offered her a new way of approaching her work. pictorial work and a new tool for telling "everyday life". Her painting is becoming more precise and his line, although always the same, is softened by the sandstone of bright and luminous colors. Its main sources of inspiration then become the tourists who pass in front of its window, the beaches of the Côte d'Azur, the southerners and the aperitif. Through these stagings, we immediately immerse ourselves in this world that seems at first glance caricatured and sharp, close to the comic book and which finally reveals itself anchored in the reality of an ardent society in search of love, peace and quiet and let go, between drunkenness and kisses.

The works of Sabrina arouse much frenzy today, both on the side of those who see uninhibited bodies and mouths, too marked by life, both on the side of those who, amused, find in its small theaters, striking similarities with relatives, friends.

Sabrina is looking for a new way to make her drawing come alive every day and regularly posts digital illustrations on her graphic tablet to the pleasure of her frequent readers. Very connected, the illustrations of this artist are usually related to the world of social networks, the new connected generation and new influencers.